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Amazing twitter workshop by Cosmedic Coach, I learnt so much in 3 hours! excited to put it to use!
Aneequa Asthma, Clinic Marketing Consultant

Aim: get Twitter Confident, and learn how it works, Method: Twitter for Success Workshop with Cosmedic Coach, Result? SUCCESS
Lorna Bowes, Director Aesthetic Source

Fantastic Twitter for Success Workshop with Cosmedic Coach, How much did I NOT know about Twitter!
Mary Lawson Evans, Director at Henley Rooms

Inspirational, Motivational, Understandable, Personable, today’s Twitter workshop with Cosmedic Coach was fantastic

On my way home from a life changing workshop, if the information was wine, I’d certainly be drunk
Melissa Foreman, Blogger

OK, so here’s me thinking I know a lot about Twitter, turns out I do not, so good job Cosmedic Coach does, this workshop is a business must!
Julie Cardozo-Marsh, MUA

3 hours today, is the single most important thing I have done for my brand this year
Lynne Gentle, Gentle Movement Yoga

Facts were clearly explained to us, all along with ideas on how to get a great profile and get yourself some clout in your industry
Lisa Jane Davies, Marketing Consultant

It’s not an exaggeration to say that in two workshops, she might have changed my life
Fiona Longmuir, Beauty Blogger

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