£12k to recycle your fat into a cutting edge facelift

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New for 2017, is an interesting alternative to undergoing the scalpel: introduced by French Plastic Surgeon Mr. Roger Amar, The FAMI Face Lift  (just don’t say this too fast after a glass of white wine!)– (FAMI, which stands for FAT AUTOLOGUS MUSCLE INJECTION), is totally different to a stem cell facelift, the current reigning heavy weight champ of turning back the clock, so why is FAMI different? basically FAMI is just your own fat injected into the face instead of fillers, interested? then read on..

What is FAMI?

Stem cells which are isolated from a patients own fat via a centrifuge system are injected very deep into the patient’s bone, cartilage and muscle so that they restore and renew the structure of the face naturally – there is not a scalpel or single stitch used in this procedure.  “This is a procedure that that are only few doctors in the world that are qualified enough to carry out, the procedure requires a serious in-depth knowledge of the facial anatomy and physiology” say the office of Mr. Amar, who trained in France, and is experienced in both traditional facial rejuvenation procedures and FAMI, Mr. Amar says that he always advises his patients towards the latter as he believes the results are more natural and longer lasting.

fami-facelift-roger-amarUp Close and Personal

Mr. Amar  say he “will not” carry out the treatment on patients who are unable to provide at least 3 close-up pictures of themselves (not smiling) from their youth (ideally in their 20’s and 30’s).  Past patients have reported going into the theatre and seeing giant sized posters of themselves covering the walls.  Mr Amar says: ‘Every procedure is different and tailored to a patients natural ageing process and I use their past photos as my blueprint’.

Mr Amar moved to London this year, so this procedure is now available in the UK.  Mr. Amar has trained some of the USA’s top plastic surgeons in this technique.  He believes that Sharon Stone, Christie Brinkley, Madonna, Sandra Bullock and Michelle Pfeiffer all opted for this style of facelift as they have a restored natural volume to their faces, showing them at their best as opposed to looking ‘pinned back and stretched’.  

The Price Tag

A Snip at £12k ?

Summary: Cutting edge technology without a knife

Ouch Factor: 300 targeted injections in face (bone, cartilage and muscle) but you’ll be snoozing lightly so should not feel. The Procedure is carried out by “Heavy sedation not anaesthetic” 

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