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How To Avoid Gym Face by Dr Preema Vig

Face facts…if you choose to exercise your way to an amazing body, you may need some expert help to keep your face looking youthful… When we reach a certain age, we know that we have to work harder at exercising to get the figure we want. By our mid 30s there comes a tipping point when excessive working out may be melting fat away from your thighs, but it will ... read more

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SOND – Vegan Skincare

I’m constantly being asked to highlight vegan skincare brands. I spotted this fantastic new skincare brand launch which is one to keep your eye on for the future.  Sönd debuts in the UK market this winter after three years in development with a team of German scientists and backed by independent research. The new anti-ageing skincare range was specifically created for sensitive and dermatitis-prone skin. The star of their show is: silica. From ... read more


CACI Synergy Facial Review

Let’s face it, Winter is a complete and utter bully to our skin, and over the last two months we have experienced just about every extreme weather element known to man kind in the UK. From gale force winds, storms, snow, rain and harsh frost. Needing a skin S.O.S I hauled myself over to Seduire in Frith Street to experience a new facial by CACI called Synergy. Funnily enough it ... read more

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Ozonetherapy Launches in UK

What’s New? A new development from the advanced aesthetics scene claims to ‘smooth lines and wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin from the inside out’ with an already successful presence in the medical sphere,  Ozonetherapy is now available in the UK as an anti-ageing treatment, and it’s pioneers say it is ‘taking the cosmetic and beauty industry by storm’. Reputed to offer a wide range of action in surgery, pain management, dermatology, urology, and ... read more


Brits, fibs and eating habits

BRITS TELL 20 FIBS A WEEK ABOUT THEIR ‘HEALTHY’ LIVING HABITS! The majority of Brits (61 percent) are in complete denial about their health, according to new research. A new study into the nation’s attitudes towards their wellbeing has revealed we tell on average 20 fibs a week regarding our lifestyles – that’s 1,020 every year. And it isn’t only our friends we try to deceive, it is also partners, ... read more

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