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COACH BLOG: What do you think of when you see the word Ibiza? Is it lots of sun, glorious beaches, bars, non stop partying, amazing nightlife and a place loved and frequented by celebs. Then you would be right, but Ibiza also has another side to offer.

For all of you fitness enthusiasts it is probably the last place you imagined to find a Boot Camp, but I have to admit that my trip was to get myself into shape and thought it would be great to film it all for you guys to watch on the Sky Fitness and Beauty Channel.

So what is a Boot Camp? The term is becoming more and more familiar now as many television programmes feature them and the term is used for intense classes to assist with losing weight that encourages working as a group. They are there to give you that extra motivation working together that you may not find in your local gym.

Boot Camp is a place that is solely concerned with taking groups of people and getting them into fantastic shape. It’s not easy and personal trainers conduct a tough physical training along with ex-military personnel. The classes are intense as they are taken over a short set period of time, so the effects have to be fast. The programs for training are high impact, so hopefully in this time frame your strength and fitness levels can be increased rapidly.

So where did Boot Camps come from? Originally they started in the USA, soon became a firm fixture in the UK as their popularity increased. Norfolk was the home of one of the original Boot Camps – No1 Boot Camp, once they started here around 2005. This Boot Camp soon attracted the rich and famous as they flocked there, although it’s not just for celebs as anyone can participate. Be warned though it’s tough and anyone expecting to be treated gently or like a VIP soon finds out that everyone is treated the same and of course the aims are the same to achieve RESULTS!!

So what does Boot Camp involve?

Each day offers a variety of activities, one which I really enjoyed as a hike which took 4 hours through some stunning mountainous scenery in the north of Ibiza, it was a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the views which improved as you climbed but to have the chance to really enjoy clearing your head. Of course you were not alone so you could also experience bonding with colleagues as a team and getting to know people you may not meet ordinarily.

photo copy 3During this wonderful trek, I got to know the team members and find out more about their motivation for attending Boot Camp. The reasons varied immensely from just wanting to get fit, lose some weight to de-stressing from their busy working lives. Everyone appreciated each other’s reasons and it added to the supportive environment and camaraderie.

A typical day can start with stretching and high impact exercise such as running, followed by a range of other activities such as weight lifting, object lifting, sit-ups, interval training etc. At the end of the sessions the activities were more meditative such as yoga and relaxing stretching. These routines were a great aid to assist the attendees with getting into the habit of an exercise regime as well as helping to shed body fat, and shape up cardiovascular systems.

But please don’t worry that the Boot Camp is all exercise with no rest or time for food, it is quite the contrary. A healthy diet is all part of the experience and you receive ample meals of wonderful healthy food made specially. By cutting out some of the unhealthy ingredients you may eat on a day to day basis this can all assist with your weight loss.

My advice is often sought on Twitter regarding weight loss suggestions and until I had experienced it for myself I had never suggested recommending a Boot Camp. But now I have been for myself, I can highly recommend it, it may be exhausting and difficult at times, but it is empowering to realise that with some hard work you can change your habits and your body if you want to.

When you consider that it is just one week out of your life can make such a huge difference, it’s a very short time compared to the extensive recovery time from any surgical procedure to help you lose weight. But the choice is there and hopefully this will help you to make your decision.

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ibiza-107Enjoy the beautiful island of Ibiza, Spain – a week of tough military style fitness exercises and yoga at no1 boot camp the premier fitness retreat set in gorgeous surroundings near Atzaro Boutique Hotel. A peaceful retreat, this is the perfect place to detox & exercise getting away from the excesses of modern life. A typical days programme will include challenging but amazing scenic hikes to The Goddess Island with islander Toby Clarke, core stability exercises and team activities. Enjoy yoga once a week at the villa or on the terrace of the Atzaro Temple (either before or after dinner). Extra one-to-one yoga sessions are available at extra cost.

ibiza-124Ibiza boot camp has been a great success this year it has  moved to a NEW quality venue – Everyone seems to want to have a holiday combined with fitness and healthy eating. You also have a great opportunity to explore the island if you desire or just relax in the evenings with an amazing spa treatment at the nearby Atzaro Boutique Hotel

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Whilst I was in Ibiza I also visited these fabulous places:

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