Cosmetics to suit your Couture? the new wave of designer nip tuck names


I’ve always had a chuckle at cosmetic interventions that grabbed headlines or consumer attention with quirky or whacky names, take the “Loub Job”, one of my favourites, a whimsical name for injectable fillers for designer battered tootsies, or how about:  “Vajacular Therapy” for female genital enhancement, a spin-off name from “Dracula Therapy” also known as PRP, you have to giggle, at the creative and attention capturing titles.

It seems that when it comes to describing aesthetic procedures by their proper or correct terminology,  brand manufacturers or medical aesthetic practitioners are reluctant to take the conventional path anymore.

The latest thing is to give your treatments cool names, and hip titles. Cue a perfect example press release, freshly landed in my inbox this morning, the contents clearly snub the word fat freezing (that’s so 2015) instead the clinic medic describes her offering as The Gucci Job or The Chanel Job according to the couture choices of her clientele.

Dr Galyna says she has developed a unique approach to cosmetic body treatments tailored to her fast growing fashion conscious customer base in the Rita Rakus clinic, Knightsbridge. Dr Galyna believes that this ‘custom-fit’ approach gives her clients a tool to understand what they really want, and to not only feel comfortable in their own skin, but in their own clothes.

The Chanel Job focuses on slim arms and slim abdomen, perfect for the tight sleeves and box fit typified by the brand. The Gucci Job focuses on bra rolls tailored to Gucci’s tight fitting jackets. Galyna’s Skinny Jeans treatment focuses on the muffin top area and inner/outer thighs, while the McQueen Dress focuses on the abdomen.

Dr Galyna explains:

“With my background in psychiatry, I have always thought it important to find out why clients are unhappy with specific body traits. Over the years I have noticed that many women keep to a particular style of dress and their body issues are often determined by how they look in their clothes rather than when naked.

“So, a woman that typically wears fitted shift dresses would more likely be conscious of her arms, buttocks and waist. This way of looking at body treatments can be more accurately determined by looking at my clients’ preferred designers.”
The Chanel Job uses the fat freezing technology Coolsculpting to reduce the volume, fat and the circumference around the waist, while the ULTRAcel treatment is used for skin tightening. Costs start from £1600.

So what happens if a client prefers or can only afford shopping at River Island over Chanel? or Primark over Prada?

We’ll leave that thought with you Dr Galyna….

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