Creator of Dracula PRP Launches Revolutionary Skin Savior news and launchesContinuing in his quest to develop aesthetic treatments that are safe, efficient and effective, world-renowned anti-ageing and hormone specialist Dr Daniel Sister MD, introduces Dracula PRP Skin Savior, a skin health treatment that enhances skin behaviour and appearance. Dracula PRP Therapy™

The treatment

Dr Sister’s key treatment, improves facial muscle tone and slows down bone resorption around eye sockets and jaw line, as well as having a positive action on other signs of ageing skin such as elasticity, pigmentation, redness and hydration.

Keen to develop a more advanced form of this treatment, Dr Sister has undertaken research into combining PRP with Xela Rederm from Institute Hyalual, a combined hyaluronic acid and succinic acid injectable product, in order to create a brand new treatment – the Dracula PRP Skin Savior. Succinic acid is an antioxidant naturally found in plants and animals, which blocks free radicals and also targets hyper pigmentation and fights dehydration.

The benefits

It stimulates syntheses of collagen and elastin to rebuild the dermis and provides an anti-hyper pigmentation response, plus fights skin dehydration. A natural carrier, succinic acid pulls hyaluronic acid deeper into the skin reaching areas other injectable products cannot target.

Proven results

Dr Daniel Sister’s recent study, carried out in conjunction with the Hyalual Institute, was conducted on 14 female patients, aged 35 to 65 and resulted in all participants showing improvements including: • Hydration increased • Skin elasticity increased • Redness decreased • Pigmentation decreased

Claire Williamson, of Institute Hyalual says: “Institute Hyalual are delighted to partner with Dr Daniel Sister. Each of his 14 participants in the study showed a notable hike in results from one treatment with PRP & Xela Rederm. We look forward to continuing our work with Dr Daniel Sister and are very pleased to announce that he will be presenting the procedure at UK and International conferences this year.”

Dr Daniel Sister says: “It is my passion to develop safe, efficient treatments that give my patients great results. I’m seeing a trend for a more natural look, with patients preferring to avoid toxins where possible.

The Dracula PRP Therapy Skin Savior offers my patients a treatment that provides brilliant results across all areas of the ageing face, and takes PRP to the next level.”

The treatment takes approx. 20-30 minutes.

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