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When I was 22, I was involved in a fairly serious car crash, I had to have reconstructive surgery to my lower face, as I sustained injuries mainly there as well as my body. Thanks to the brilliant work of a plastic surgeon and his medical team, I was given back through the amazing craft of plastic surgery: my confidence and my smile, that at such a young age were so important to me, as indeed so many other young women.

Since that fateful event, I developed a fascination for all subjects relating to body, image and beauty, and after having only recently graduated from University at the time in Media and Communications, I took a career diversion into beauty and started writing about the subject, and then later, educating and coaching the aesthetic and cosmetic interventions industry on a range of subjects.

That was more than 15 years ago, and so here I am now, a little more experienced since my days as an intern at CNN, and a junior writer for many media publications.

I have written four published books ranging from Foot Care, Breast Implants, Acne, and Cosmetic Surgery. I am currently writing my fifth book.

During my career, I have worked extensively in the industry of beauty, and aesthetics to refine and develop my knowledge, this has been with great thanks to the wonderful medical experts and beauty professionals in the UK and worldwide who have believed in my passion and dedication to the subject.

My consultancy ‘The Cosmedic Coach’, now focuses on working with aesthetic, cosmetic and beauty brands and professionals: helping them to excel both in their business, and personal growth.

Through The Cosmedic Coach I work on some amazing beauty industry events and projects, with some leading brands, professionals and experts. I am truly privileged to live a life working on a subject that is my passion.

My objective is twofold: it is primarily to help industry professionals and brands excel, and secondly, and perhaps most importantly; to help the consumer public, make safer and better informed choices, when it comes to aesthetic and image related options.

I am a keen advocate of safe beauty and for this reason I am also currently studying counselling to support this interest. I am the founder of the Safety in Beauty Campaign (www.safetyinbeauty.com), which together with some like minded professionals, I work closely on when time allows.

I host a fantastic industry event called The London White Party every summer, which celebrates the great work of the industry in the sphere of safe beauty.

My love of beauty compels me to write a blog across a variety of subjects and products,  I write this, when time allows with true passion and sincerity.

I look forward to connecting with you directly, whether you are a brand wanting to collaborate, a professional wishing to learn more about the potential career growth in the industry, or a member of the public wanting a frank and honest opinion or insight into a beauty or aesthetic related matter. I welcome your enquiry.

Thank you again for visiting my website.

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