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As a child, I always remember my pretty mums face, eclipsed with dark circles underneath her sparkling brown eyes.

I used to think it was because she was tired, actually, in hindsight with 3 kids, work and a home she probably was most days, but that didn’t explain why for a lifetime they never really got any better, we didn’t know her any different, as those pesky dark circles were always there, but as time marched on they actually got worse. I wanted them to go away for her, as I know she hated them.

As I grew up, and fell into my current profession, I set about trying to help her conceal the flaw that she was so self conscious of.

I just about offered her every possible remedy, from the latest cutting edge Japanese and Swiss skin care range, to cucumber slices, potatoes slices, ice packs, miracle vanishing products, concealers, state of the art airbrush make up, vitamins, you name it, she tried it. Alas, as zealous as I was, at enthusiastically finding the holy grail of  dark circle remedies, nothing helped, for over 20 years, well at least nothing worth writing home about.

Budget was not an obstacle, and seeing as she had tried about every remedy available, in a last ditch attempt, she considered invasive surgery and set about contacting a prominent London based occuplastic surgeon, who came highly recommended. Ms. Sabrina Shah Desai.

Causes of dark eye circles

The consultation was a learning curve not only for my mother, but also for me, dark eye circles, it seems are quite common, some of the causes she explained to us, include:


Yes you can actually inherit them, or even develop them as a child for a number of reasons, Some children will outgrow them, but others will not, I guess I had a lucky escape.


Now I know why some of my hay-fever suffering friends often look so tired during the hay fever season, nasal congestion can dilate the blood vessels that drain from the area around your eyes, causing them to darken.

Sleep deprivation

Not sleeping, is the most common cause of dark eye circles, and the easiest to prevent, but … who knew that oversleeping can also cause dark eye circles.

Skin conditions

Skin conditions such as Eczema cause dark eyes circles, and that dreaded word stress also causes the dreaded bags and dark shadows to come out and play.

Other causes of dark eye circles

As we get older, our skin becomes thinner

Iron deficiency can prevent the blood from carrying sufficient oxygen to eye tissues

Minor traumas that causes the appearance of a black eye

Crying (let’s face it we will spend a few hundred d hours of life doing this, for better or for worse)

Lifestyle. Excessive smoking or drinking

Cocaine or amphetamines cause dark circles as they cause people to sleep very little

Fluid retention, as may occur with pregnancy or weight gain

Skin pigmentation abnormalities. The skin around the eyes is thinner, which is why your blood vessels are more readily visible through it,

Excessive exposure to the sun. Sun exposure encourages your body to produce more melanin.

Age. As we get older, we lose some of the fat and collagen surrounding our eyes. This loss, combined with the thinning of our skin, magnifies the appearance of dark eye circles.

Mrs. Sabrina Shah-Desai is known as the “London Eye Rejuvenation Expert”, thanks to years of surgical training and experience as an Oculoplastic Surgeon, Unlike many other “aesthetic doctors” she has more than two decades of “hands on” surgical knowledge of the intricate facial anatomy.

If anyone can turn back the hands of clock on the eyes, surely it has to be her? My words echoed in my mums ears as she set about her Detective Columbo style google investigations, seems I trained her well though; “If you are going to pick an eye rejuvenation expert mum, pick an expert that has dealt with the eyes for most of their entire medical career”…. the girl did good.

I sat in on a consultation with my mum, for once, it wasn’t me doing the interrogating, of course my mum is much more subtle than me conversationally, but it wasn’t hard to stay quiet for once, as Ms Shah-Desai thoroughly explained that her goal is to achieve bespoke natural looking rejuvenation, with a combination of fillers that create smooth transitions between eyelid-cheek, eyebrow-temple, and chin-jowl junctions. Carefully formulated to restore facial symmetry and balance.

For moment there I thought I heard fillers, where was the mention of the word scalpel? surgery? operation? my mother and I looked at each other bewildered, surely, this kind of problem required something a little more invasive than just a filler?

She continued to explain that under eye dark circles and “crepey” dehydrated eyelid skin, is quite common, and doesn’t require surgical intervention, infact so accustomed is she with patients presenting themselves to her with dark circles or a loss of volume in the area below the eye,  that she created the bespoke treatment to tackle the demand, and here’s the best part, no surgery required. It was at the words ‘no surgery’ that I actually saw my mums eyes light up for the very first time in many years.

The consultation was in depth, infact exhaustive, in a good way of course, information is power, with Ms Shah-Desai explaining that the procedure was not permanent, but could provide an interim solution. The idea was certainly tempting, even I was hooked on the detail and information laid out infant of us so concisely, well would you say no to a ‘relatively painless boost and rejuvenation’, perhaps a ‘stepping stone’ as she quite rightly put it, to considering whether surgery really was the right step or not?…sounds like a plan, and Mrs M, was excited to take the leap.

With the eye boost treatment, Mrs. Shah-Desai carefully layers Restylane Vital light to hydra rejuvenate the thin eyelid skin which plumps the lower eyelid to improve the apparent “tear trough”. She has pioneered this filler treatment (Eye-Boost), to rejuvenate the thin lower eyelid skin, which can worsen the illusion of under eye shadows. The Eye Boost is a bespoke combination treatment, woking in synergy with complimentary treatments such as rejuvenating skin peels, which enhance the overall final result.

Mrs. Shah-Desai also performs a tear trough treatment using needles, as cannulas can be inaccurate in this region. Perfect for under eye dark circles due to thin eyelid skin in a younger age group (mid 20’s to 40’s).

I won’t spoil the final result and steal my mothers sun, so I’ll let her take lead role and hand over to her, for what she personally experienced and what she felt the final result was, in her own words.

I think the final photo in this blog really says it all…


My Review by Lilian Mariconda

The course treatment timeline was as follows:

4/4/16 – consultation – and pre treatment assesment

8/4/16 – 1st under eye peel

28/4/16 – 2nd under eye peel

4/5/16 – 1st layer deep Restylane Defyne & Eye Boost (restylane vital light)

6/6/16 – 2nd layer Restylane Refyne

27/10/16 – top up Restylane Refyne

“The treatment course lasted over four months of patience, support and a very professional approach by the clinical team.




When I was first shown my photo’s, It was hard to believe the significant difference from the before photograph, compared to the final photograph, I know my skin is still quite wrinkly and crepey around my eyes – I guess that’s my fault as I have always loved the sun at the beach, but the dark circles actually have always bothered me more, they have made me look tired for an entire lifetime, and I cannot believe the difference the eye boost treatment has made to my face. 

The difference is subtle and natural, not fake looking or tight or pulled, (which I confess I was quite fearful about) so I am not really sure why I even thought of having surgery, as that’s quite extreme, but I like this treatment, it was painless, no bruising, no swelling, just a few injection marks that faded after one day or two.



The skin peels make such a difference, it’s nice to know that the treatment has made me look fresh, just me, with a lighter, brighter version of my own eyes as I have never really experienced them before.

Although not completely disappeared, the lines still exist around my eyes, but they are significantly softer, the dark circles tend to make any line look harsher I think.

When I put make up on now, I can tell the difference, make up seems to be less cakey, as there is less shadow to hide.



I will be continuing the treatment, as I know in time, my eyes will improve a little more, I am also taking on board the other tips and skincare advice given to me by the clinical team at The Perfect Eyes Clinic, which I admit has made a massive difference. Clinical skincare is such a good investment when entered into with guidance, after all that money I have spent on nonsense, I’m actually pleased I am buying the right things for my skin needs and not some fruitless fad or hype.


When you look at my photo’s above, to you, the difference may not be so dramatic, but to me, this treatment, in it’s very subtle natural way, has been life changing for me, my doctor is the eye queen in every way, she gave me faith that there was some light after all,  life seems to be a little brighter for me now, it’s amazing what one small thing like this can do to your confidence, 5 stars all the way for this, worth every penny” 

– Lilian Mariconda

The eye boost treatment starts from £750.00 and is available at https://www.perfecteyesltd.com for further information please consult with Mrs. Sabrina Shah Desai.


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