Lipsticks and Politics

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An interesting wave of political propaganda has emerged across many industries since President Donald Trump was elected. Personally, I have refrained from sharing my views across social media, mainly because I have witnessed so much hostility in the debate over the new president lately, that I would rather spend my time and energy, devoted to making people think, smile or laugh, rather than to fuel the fires of a never ending controversial divide.

lipsticks and politcsI was surprised to find a campaign by cosmetics giant Illamasqua announce an anti fascism pledge by their founder Julian Kynaston, but then again, it was only a matter of time before lipsticks and politics blended to become the new trend du jour.

Whilst I support the views shared, I am not sure, that I really want to think about President Donald Trump whilst buying my next concealer or lip shade, is it really necessary to read political propaganda whilst looking for zit zapper?

I’m all for freedom of speech, but let a gal shop in peace, please – it’s hard enough to find the right shade of foundation without thinking about Donald Trumps tan clouding my judgment.

antonia mariconda

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