Moonlight Dust Facial with Dr Gabriela Mercik

Countless late nights have taken their toll. I am officially a “moonlighter” a relentless workaholic, nothing illegal going on here though, by “moonlighting” I mean those late night hours to catch up on admin that piles up and becomes a bloodbath of an inbox.

Dark circles, lack lustre dry skin, and fine lines, are the consequent byproduct, after months, I decide it’s unbearable, so I head down to a swanky new clinic recently opened in that gorgeous little jewel box of a hideaway called Primrose Hill in London. Destination: The Aesthetics Lab, a sanctuary of white clinical bliss. Oh how I love a white shiny new aesthetics clinic.

“Don’t you worry, my moonlight dust facial will have you looking refreshed and fast” chirps Aesthetic Doctor, Dr Gabriela Mercik. I smile at myself, the treatment name is fitting.

MoonlightDust™  explains Dr. Gabriela, “is a new 7-step facial that delivers an immediate and progressive reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and enlarged pores without the downtime associated with laser treatments, chemical peels and microdermabrasion.” I am sold at the  words “progressive reduction”,  and “no down time” I urge Dr. Mercik to get started, fast!

“It is the first and only facial to harness the power of molecular water” – a ground-breaking ingredient in the treatment of ageing skin, explains Dr. Gabriela.

It’s not the first time I have been enamoured of simple water in the quest for skin renewal, I have experienced countless Hydrafacial treatments which are based on water, and I love them with a passion,  could this be an equal game changer?

moonlight dust facial antonia mariconda

Step 1 MoonlightDust™ Cleanser – removes makeup and oils to gently and effectively cleanse the skin.

Moonlight dust facial step 2 antonia mariconda
Step 2 MoonlightDust™ Exfoliator – this uses fruit acids to deliver a gentle peel without the ‘burn’.

moonlight dust facial antonia mariconda step 2

Step 3 MoonlightDust™ Toner – molecular water toner is applied to start the rehydration process and balance pH levels.

moonlight dust facial

Step 4 MoonlightDust™ Magic Rain – a refreshing spritz is applied, this is designed to promote the maximum efficacy of the active ingredients used says Dr. Gabriela.

Lots of kneading then ensues, my face feels like a ball of putty in Dr. Gabriela’s hands  “nothing wrong with a bit of facial yoga” she chirps away, I smile, wincing with jaw ache. Funnily enough it feels nice though, a bit like a good old workout, kills you in the process, but energises you after.

moonlight dust facial

Step 5 MoonlightDust™ Face & Décolleté Cream  is applied– again this contains molecular water, olive oil, green tea extracts and coconut oil said to deliver superior antioxidant protection and deep hydration.

magic beauty serum Step 6 Dr. Gabriela applies her own formulated Magic Beauty Facelift Serum – I love that word: magic. It holds such promise, especially on a little bottle with the word serum next to it. If only …

women-mask-500x500I almost fall asleep, a bit like Hannibal Lector with that funny white mask on, it’s cold and fresh through out the entire treatment application but after while, you do drift away, and forget it.

Treatment time is over.

moonlight dust results lighter clearer skin I stare back at my face in the hand held mirror, my skin instantly looks fresher, the yellow sallow tiredness is replaced with a glow that is at least a shade lighter. I like it, infact I like it a lot.

The Moonlight Dust Facial is available exclusively by Dr. Gabriela Mercik £250.00 for more information visit

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