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Every woman (and some men) that I know who have reached their 40s and woken up with a falling chin or a wavering jawline turn to me and say what can I do?. I know the feeling I am with you people all the way, as the late 30’s creep up, I find myself googling “facial yoga”.

When cosmetic injectables took over the world this past decade, they addressed every aspect of facial ageing and sagging, however I feel somewhere along the line, our beloved “turkey necks” were forgotten and neglected. So what do we do to age gracefully without our necks betraying us too much?

10501368_10152584266460955_1130436686_nOne lady recently wrote to me to share the results of a procedure she had to address her sagging neck and chin and the results were pretty dramatic, Melissa Austin, 44 from Sidcup says ” I was really self conscious about my face and neck. I realise I’m 44, but I had  lost a lot of weight in the past year and that weight loss coupled with the effect of ageing had taken its toll. I think I looked at least 10 years old after the weight was gone”.

So in a desperate bid to reverse the effects of time, and weight loss, Melissa turned to Cosmetic Surgeon Paul Baguley from North Yorkshire, who suggested a procedure to Melissa that did not require full on surgery, but could reverse the look of her neck that she was growing increasingly unhappy with.

Melissa has a visibly smoother and defined jawline and neckline dramatically taking years away from her facial and neck appearance

Melissa has a visibly smoother and defined jawline and neckline dramatically taking years away from her facial and neck appearance

Melissa says ” Mr Baguley suggested I have an “L lift”, this was performed under anaesthetic in his office. It took about 45 minutes to perform, there were 4 stitches placed inside my hair line, and I was back at work the neck day, the results are amazing”.

What is the ‘L’ Stitch Facelift?

Mr Baguley provided the ‘L’ Stitch Face Lift to Melissa to recreate a smoother and tauter appearance to the face and neck. This was successfully achieved without complicated and invasive surgery.  Described by Mr Baguley as “a quick and relatively simple procedure which has the major benefit of providing impressive results with a dramatically shorter healing time than more traditional forms of facelift surgery”.

The “L Lift” is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure and some patients favour this treatment as they don’t wish to undergo facial cosmetic surgery which involves longer recovery times, general anaesthesia and possibly and overnight hospital stay.

The cost of the “L Lift”  will include surgeon fees, local anesthesia, and any aftercare that may be required at the recovery stage.

Recovery time for this facelift procedure averages typically around four days and results should last around 5 years before you may require a top up treatment.

Mr Baguley says that ” the vast majority of people who seek this particular face lift surgery are in their 30’s and early 40’s. The overall result of this surgery makes you look up to five years younger with a very natural appearance and no immediately noticeable signs that you have undergone such a procedure”, he adds “The procedure itself intends to soften the nasal labial fold as well as tighten the jawline. This is by no means a replacement for endoscopic, vertical facelifts, but it can be used in combination with Botox and other fillers to achieve maximum results at a substantially smaller cost”.

Results of the "L Lift" on Patient Melissa Foreman from Sidcup

Results of the “L Lift” on Patient Melissa Foreman from Sidcup

Melissa says “I’m so happy the results are amazing, this is just another example of the excellence of a British plastic surgeon offering a patient what is right for their individual needs”.

The results do indeed speak for themselves and if all else fails with my facial yoga, I will be reaching for the phone and have Mr Baguley on speed-dial.

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    Good morning I am interested in the L lift procedure can you email me more information please including costs.
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    Mrs S Walker

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