Sanatio Naturalis 100% Summer Skin Confidence lavender tea tree oilOver the years I have tried and used so many skincare products, and when I say thousands, it is not a metaphor, it’s a fact, I deserve a Guinness Book of Records award for being the most battered ‘human guinea pig’ yes I’m a a die-hard dedicated avid skincare tester, exposing myself to goodness knows how many toxic ingredients in the name of the beautiful truth.

Maybe it’s because I am over 35, maybe and I am not so brave anymore, or just better informed, maybe my skin is tired of being a a punchbag for humanity, (all in the name of work) BUT I prefer my skincare solutions a lot more natural that some of the substances I have exposed it to over the years, and it’s not just me that feels like this…

New on my radar is Sanatio Naturalis,  Tea tree is a nemesis for all bacteria, making it a blemish-fighting super force, and it is one of the strongest antibacterial essential oils on the planet. This ultra-pure 100% Pure and Natural Tea Treeessential oil is sourced from Australia and distilled from the leaves. Lately, a mixture of  weather changes, hormonal fluctuations and late nights mean I am breaking out in all sorts of spots here there and everywhere.

What I have discovered is that this potent oil helps target skin blemishes and breakouts, ideal when you want to show off your whole body during the summer months, (yes we all get the odd spot, arms, and back too)  And with these off the shoulder tops blemish free, is not an option it’s a must. Use as a spot treatment to dry out and heal skin blemishes or more generally as anti–bacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic, astringent, antiviral, purifying, cleansing and stimulating agent. Sanatio Naturalis products are all Daniele Ryman Aromachology Approved.

How to use 
• Spot application – Apply 1-2 drops directly to areas of concern, using a cotton bud gently pat onto skin
• Healing bath – Blend 6-8 drops into a teaspoon of Sanatio Naturalis Jojoba Beauty Oil, add to the bath, to help clear acne on the chest, back and other parts of the body.

£16.00 for 10 ml


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