Week 1 of my Proskins 28 Day Challenge

DSC_9980With a little lateness I’m posting an update on week 1 of my 28 Day Challenge with Proskins.

I’ve been wearing my Proskins virtually everyday since they arrived, they’re so easy to wear so to me it’s not a fuss or a big deal to slip them on with a t-shirt for the school run, with heels or flat shoes, nobody can actually tell that I am wearing Proskins, that’s the beauty of it.

What I have particularly enjoyed is wearing them from day to night (don’t worry I’ve showered in between occasions!).

If I have been in a rush and really stuck with what to wear, I have been able to transform day fitness wear to evening glamour with absolute ease. Fitness wearDSC_9493 doesn’t have to be dull boring or even obvious and I’m am truly enjoying the unique aspect of this with Proskins.

Now here’s where I am really starting to see a difference. I am a fake tan addict, and some of the hardest areas to remove stubborn fake tan product and residue is always my ankles, and lower legs, this is because the tanning product clings on to dry skin and even the most toughest shower scrub and loofah will not budge those stubborn tan stains.

After just one week of wearing Proskins daily, my legs appear much more moisturised and in subsequence to this the fake tanning reside has removed far more easily this week in the shower. My legs are certainly NOT as dry as they were at the outset of the challenge, so I am going to agree with the claim made by the brains behind the brand that Proskins leggings contain moisturising benefits. So it’s Ding Ding! Round 1 to Proskins.

On the fitness and nutritional side of the challenge, I’ve been a good girl!, having dramatically cut down on junk this week, and stepped up my training, I’ll be posting some recipes and workouts that I’ve accomplished this as part of the challenge.

My next blog update at the end of week two will talk about compression and shape, lets see if Proskins pass round two of this rather fabulous challenge.

If you are also taking part in the 28 Day Challenge please post your comments and thoughts here, I would love to see how you are progressing.



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