Acne – The Essential Guide

acneAcne is a problem that has no age barriers. For the majority of sufferers, the symptoms of acne will disappear when they reach their 20s, but many people can still need information about acne and be seeking a cure well into their adult life.

Using expert advice and the latest research, this book brings together the essential facts on acne and provides information on acne symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of this misunderstood skin condition.

Whether you are seeking answers to your own acne problem or are a parent or partner of someone suffering with the condition, all the information you need to understand the causes and treatment of acne are provided in this handy guide.

Acne can be very distressing for those suffering from it. This guide also provides information on self-esteem and how to feel confident and happy in your skin.

Acne – The Essential Guide Expert/Press Reviews

‘A really good book, easy to navigate and read and very helpful as it offers a number of alternative options and solutions.’ Shaf Khan, naturopathic herbalist.

‘Strangely by reading this book I have discovered what the bumps on my arms have been since my teens and that up to 80% of teens and 40% of adults have it. I am astonished. A very clear guide to the different types of acne and how to approach it. From dealing with your doctor to discussing adult onset acne. Its very interesting and great support.’

‘Acne – The Essential Guide’ is extremely useful as a reference guide to anyone who needs more information on the subject; it is written in a simple, clear format and I am sure many people will find this very interesting.’ Professor James Frame, Plastic Surgeon.

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