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Disclosure by Antonia Mariconda – The Cosmedic Coach

  1. I am often sent beauty products to review for my blog and website. I am also often asked to test and try cosmetic and aesthetic treatments for the purposes of reviewing on my blog. There is no guarantee that a blog I publish will be favourable to a brand or company. I publish my thoughts and opinions based on my own research and findings, good or bad.
  2. At the moment I do not use deep links via an affiliate site (Affiliate Windows) on my blog posts although I may consider this in the future. If I do incorporate any affiliate links they will be clearly marked (AL).
  3. I have learnt that the only way to blog is with integrity, I now publish my blog with complete transparency, none of the posts on my blog are paid for, If a blog is commercially supported or sponsored it will have the letter (P) on it.
  4. I accept a small select amount of advertising in my side bar on my blog page, this is carefully selected and appropriate to my audience on The Cosmedic Coach.
  5. I accept advertising to the home page of my website, this carries a premium rate.
  6. All of my blog posts are exclusively written by me and posted in real-time.
  7. Asides from my own blog, I also publish on my guest posts by members of the public to allow them to share their love of beauty. I do not charge for this. I also invites experts to write guest blogs. I do not charge for this.
  8. The Cosmedic Coach website endeavours to be a place of honesty and integrity for people looking for an independent voice in cosmetic interventions, anti-ageing and beauty. I often ask medical and aesthetic experts to verify my content before I publish. Not all of my posts are medically verified or checked.
  9. Any article published on The Cosmedic Coach website should not be substituted for qualified medical advice and I would always advocate that you seek professional advice and guidance for any medically related topic or subject.
  10. Asides from writing and coaching subjects related to beauty and anti-ageing, I am a presenter at public and industry events and I also work on some TV projects. I also offer a consultancy service to brands and agencies for which I charge a fee.

Disclosure written by Antonia Mariconda – Updated 2014

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