Are We REALLY lacking in Body Confidence?

True – American Women are more Confident than British women

A new study recently conducted shows that American women are actually somewhat more confident about their bodies than British women — in particular, about their chests and rear ends. Antonia Mariconda explores…

After polling 8,000 women from the U.S. and U.K. as part of a “Summer Confidence” study, beauty company Mama Mio found that 35 percent of American women “loved their boobs,” while only 20 percent of U.K. respondents felt the same way.

Similarly, 30 percent of U.S. women said they loved their butts, where only 20 percent of British women were fans of their own bums.

When asked how they felt about their overall body image, 15 percent of American women gave the positive response, “I was made to be naked,” while only one out of ten UK women felt so sure. And when it comes to feeling beach-ready- 30 percent of American women said they felt happy in a bikini, while only 12 percent of British women felt the same way.

British women do have one surprising area of confidence: their legs. While only one in four American women said they love their legs, 40 percent of British women answered positively about their stems.

But before American women start feeling all superior about their positive body image, Mama Mio did find one disturbing fact: despite loving their breasts more than British women, American ladies were still more likely to want plastic surgery, with 10 percent saying they “need a boob job” versus 5 percent of U.K. women.

Why are we not surprised?

Personally I think its all about the way you feel, more than the way you look. I have learnt to conquer my own demons by believing in myself and the power of personality no matter what your shape and size is you can be the most sexiest and confident person if you just quit being so hung up on your imperfections which to be totally honest with you, most men (and women) dont notice anyway, I refute the fact that we British women are lacking in self-confidence, do I look shy and inhibited about my body?

As a result, I am working hard at trying to make my private clients and general readers open up to the fact that before you embark on a physical change to your appearance (believing it will better your life) you could:
Change the way you see yourself FIRST in your mind, (then go ahead and do the rest) I believe any investment you make on your appearance is one of the best investments you can make in your life; after all you have to live with your body for an entire life; (godwilling).

BUT I believe the best investment is this – Strengthen your mind, your personality, your confidence, those are things you cannot put under the scalpel of a surgeon to alter to perfection, that’s something only YOU can work on, get that right, and you have got the key to it all.

Beauty will take your part of the way but personality will take you all the way.

Dr Carla Stokes PHD -Top Tips in Image Self-Confidence

1. Take care of your body. Eat healthy foods and engage in fun physical activities regularly to build a healthy and strong body.

2. Make peace with your body. Avoid comparing your body to others, and remind yourself that your body is special, unique, and powerful. Choose your words carefully, and transform negative self-talk into positive body affirmations. One way you can learn to appreciate your body is by making a list of features and qualities that you like about your body and expressing gratitude for all the amazing ways your body nurtures and supports you daily. For example, instead of complaining about your jiggly thighs, be grateful that your legs helped you get to school or work today.

3. Look for the beauty in yourself and others. Give meaningful compliments to yourself and other women. Learn how to graciously accept a compliment, and resist the urge to point out your perceived flaws.

4. Identify and surround yourself with positive friends and role models. Spend time with people who uplift you and who feel comfortable in their own skin.

5. Be a positive-body-image role model. Teach the girls in your life to love themselves and appreciate their bodies at an early age and stand up for them when others criticize their appearance.

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