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Antonia’s advice, professionalism and knowledge of the industry is incredible and I rely on her advice always! Shelley

In my view Antonia is one of the very best in the industry – her knowledge and passion for her work is unparalleled. Amanda

Antonia is always a pleasure to work with, her knowledge and enthusiasm for the industry is incredible. Emma

I love reading Antonia’s blogs, they are educational, informative and bang on what the consumer needs to know when it comes to beauty, surgery and anti-ageing, she tells it like it is, I believe she is our “Martin Lewis” of Aesthetics. A

I first come across Antonia Mariconda (AKA The Cosmedic Coach) during a Google search when I was trying signpost a lady that need expert advice and guidance on corrective cosmetic surgery. I was extremely impressed with the not only the compassion that Antonia shows but her professionalism too. Over the past 2 years I have witnessed Antonia’s impartial approach and tireless dedication to helping others find safe surgery solutions. I’m really glad to say that I’ve learnt through her numerous blogs, editorials and teachings and I must admit it’s the best Google search I ever did!! AC

Antonia is a voice of independence and integrity in the anti-ageing industry. Dr

With so much misleading information in the public domain it is vital that women have access to unbiased and well-researched advice and guidance when it comes to surgical procedures, beauty and anti-ageing treatments. Antonia’s work is vital to all of us women irrespective of life stage. She’s a wonderful combination of industry watchdog and trusted advisor. Melanie

Antonia is “the” professional voice of the anti-ageing industry, informing the public and increasing awareness of the industry, to help create a safer industry. Dr

You’re an inspiration, an educator and friend, I love you, so grateful. Barbara

Antonia is an informative & unbiased professional. She constantly seeks to ensure that we are well informed & safe. I love her Facebook page always full of interesting facts & information. She remains impartial so I know I can trust her. Angela

I have some friends who had some very poor fillers done, and Antonia helped them to find a Consultant who could help remedy their problems. She is a true professional, very kind and sincere. Patricia

Antonia is incredibly knowledgeable on all the beauty industry has to offer. She provides an authoritative and impartial view on anti-ageing treatments and corrective cosmetic surgery that is invaluable to consumers and is a pleasure to work with. Charlotte

Antonia is a ‘woman of the world’, totally approachable, understanding and a fountain of knowledge on the beauty industry. Angela

Antonia gave her professional and best recommendation of consultant to me. She is always ready to give her honest and first class answers to any question related to the beauty industry and is always ready to help people. Angela

Was introduced to Antonia through a colleague who told me to “be cautious of her” which really piqued my interest as to who this woman was. I checked out her site and found her to be a wealth of knowledge. I then went back to my friend and asked why he would caution me against her and it because glaringly evident that he was touting something that she did not agree with which made me like her even more! I immediately direct messaged her on Twitter and had a lovely conversation with the illustrious “Cosmedic Coach” and found out the real woman behind the handle. She only advocates for things she truly believes in and that is after doing an immense amount of research. Antonia is not swayed by hype or fads she seeks the truth and what will actually benefit her followers. The best part is that she is a genuine person with a loving heart and beautiful aura. She is by far the person that I retweet the most because of her valuable information that I want my community to benefit from as well.Asti

I’ve got very good personal advice from Antonia Mariconda regarding aesthetic treatment. Verschraegen

Anytime I need advice or am wondering about the latest treatments and products, I always go to Antonia first. Her professionalism and knowledge is amazing. But, even as knowledgeable as she is, the great thing about her is that she continues to develop professionally. So many times I have seen so called experts become a bit stagnant because they are not getting any continuing professional development. Antonia is always at the cutting edge and really cares and is passionate about what she does. That is a rarity that makes her particularly special. Melissa

Antonia is a true knowledgeable professional. I have every respect to her and her successful company (Cosmedic Coach) they provide genuine honest informative advice to hundreds of clients. I highly recommend her and totally trust her services. I wish her a prosperous successful future in the cosmetic industry. MR

Her professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication to people is amazing, if it wasn’t for Antonia I would not be alive today. She helped me through the toughest time of my life and for that I will be forever grateful to her! Wendy

This woman can’t do anything wrong in my eyes! She’s brilliant at what she does and she is so lovely, warm and understanding. When i talk to her i feel she never judges me and my reasons for wanting surgery. She is like everyone’s best friend! Sadly, last year i had a serious infection with one of my fillers and Antonia has given me a tremendous amount of support. She’s helped me with my confidence and self-esteem. Jo

Antonia is not only the best in her field, her advice is genuine, unbiased and honest. Combined with passion for the business, her compassion for the individual is second to none. SGM

Antonia is a wonderful writer. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of her industry using great ideas. She is great to work with. Emma

One of the most professional people in the field of aesthetics, along with that very loving and down to earth person!!!! Wasif

Antonia offers her readers & clients sound advice with a broad knowledge base. Her enthusiasm for anti-ageing and beauty treatments is balanced by her clear perception that all treatments must, first and foremost, be safe. I have no hesitation in recommending her. Dr

I was fortunate enough to meet Antonia through the aesthetics industry, but have since sought her advice as a consumer. She is consummately professional, tirelessly dedicated to quality and customer service and maintains an honest, sensitive and objective approach in dealing with the most sensitive and subjective of topics. Her work educating and informing the public is a vital part of the move towards a safer, more reputable industry offering quality and reassurance to its customers. Jessica

Antonia is a voice of independence and integrity in the anti-aging industry. Dr.

Antonia is an excellent informative & unbiased professional from across the continent. She continually strives to ensure that her clients and the public are well informed and safeguarded against dodgy methods and poor outcomes. Antonia’s wit and sparkling effervescent personality, literally ‘flies off the page’ every time you log on to her Facebook ? her absolute passion and enthusiasm shine through. Kate Morland, Clarify Clinic Australia

Antonia’s advice is scientific, supportive, compassionate and understanding of the intricacies and anxieties of anyone wishing to improve their appearance, I would, and do, recommend Antonia’s advice to many clients. Charles

This lady’s advice & support got me through the past 18 months she is well informed & knows what she is talking about & was a huge life line & support to scores of victims of the pip implant scandal. Thank you Antonia for everything xxx Jacqueline

Antonia is devoted to beauty, she sees it not only as way to enhance existing beauty, but also as a way to develop self-esteem and confidence. This may have been established from her own experiences and struggles. She is an advocate and passionate about her profession. She acts as leader & role model to encourage others to see that maintaining health and beauty is an important life choice. Her strength & dedication in this field has to be admired. Elaine

Antonia is a very kind & thoughtful lady who does her very best to give back to others, a beautiful lady inside & out! Nicola

Gives fantastic support, advice & help to victims of botched surgery. Lovely lady 🙂 Trisha

Ms. Mariconda is an asset to our field. She provides a wealth of accurate knowledge to perspective patients seeking cosmetic surgery. She is at the top of her field. Dr

Remarkable woman, a one off to beauty world if you’re lost and want advice Cosmedic Coach is the one for you. You tweet you always get a good answer so if anyone should win its Antonia. Keep up the good work the industry needs someone like Antonia, people are always need of good advice it’s all about the right advice. Ted

Antonia has set herself apart in respect of the advice and support she offers to clients considering cosmetic surgery or those that have experienced an adverse outcome following a procedure. She has demonstrated a wealth of knowledge and expertise in this area. Her free tips that can be found through her social media blogs should not be missed! Antonia is a true expert in this field. Mandy

No doubt about being the best in the business! Alyson

Yo creo que Antonia es una profesional en esta industria de la cosmética, ella esta muy bien preparada en este ramo,he leído sus consejos y son muy buenos,así como la ayuda que le brinda a la gente que necesita de sus consejos, yo soy dermatologa y se que ella es muy buena en lo que esta haciendo.

(Translation: I think Antonia is a professional in the cosmetic industry, she is very well prepared in this field, I read her advice and it is very good as well as the help she gives people who need advice, I am a Dermatologist and she is very good at what she does).

Antonia is a breath of fresh air in the cosmetics and beauty field. Her professional attitude, likeability and versatility to combine cutting edge journalism with friendly undertones is unique and is well recognised by her ever growing cross section of social media followers, fellow journalists, beauty bloggers and the medical cosmetic industry. Dan

Antonia’s blog is well written and engaging, providing really useful information about the latest treatments the industry has to offer as well as unbiased product reviews. It’s an indispensible resource for anyone seeking advice! Emma

I’ve been following Antonia for over a year on Twitter and recently had the pleasure of meeting her in person too. It’s clear that she is very committed to her work and the voice of many who struggle to make themselves heard sometimes. People like Antonia stand out because they’re approachable by all (professionals and consumers) and therefore a wider audience can benefit from the knowledge and experience which is important in my opinion. It’s a pleasure to know Antonia! Prabhjeet

Antonia really knows her stuff!! The information she provides is so helpful and accurate. Antonia speaks from the heart and this shows through her passion for her job. Sharleen

For me Antonia Mariconda is my favourite beauty blogger & writer. She always gives great beauty advice & I trust wholeheartedly what she says. Sonia

Antonia was very helpful towards me and understanding when I went through a bad time with the PIP implants, she was there for me with very useful advice and her follow up to see if I was OK was brilliant. Carol

Antonia’s knowledge, expert, and advices about beauty and cosmetics are always perfect and amazing, I trust in her talks and advice. Dr

I’ve only ever read positive feedback on advice she has given to people. I always enjoy reading what she has to say regarding cosmetic surgery and general advice, and have recommended her Facebook page to many friends. She is always kind, thoughtful and caring towards those seeking advice and help. Roberto

When Antonia talks, the world listens! Tom

I first happened upon Antonia during a chat with Angela Chouiab of Secret Surgery, she recommended that I pop over to The Cosmedic Coach page on Facebook. I have not looked back since. Antonia is at the forefront of the industry and my first point of call for help, advice, inspiration and support. Sara

Antonia has an amazing amount of knowledge and always gives the most relevant and up to date advice. It’s a pleasure to read her blogs as her absolute passion and enthusiasm shine through. Katie

Just love reading Antonia’s blogs. Tireless dedication, knowledge, enthusiasm, true professionalism. Mary

Antonia is a talent individual, the best in the industry in my opinion. Kevin

Antonia is by far the best beauty blogger there is. No comparison. Kelly

Antonia is more than words can describe. Her support and advice helped through a very difficult time. I will be eternally grateful. Emma

The queen of advice on beauty Antonia Mariconda, you want straight answer go seek the coach you get best guidance and advice. You rock so go for it best beauty blogger I call her Google beauty queen you need to find something out no job too small. Isabella

She is just the best. Dr

Antonia she is the best professional in this field. Roberto

Lovely woman. Kelvin

Antonia is a wealth of knowledge regarding the beauty industry. She provides endless amounts of valuable information along with quick tips to help all women look and feel beautiful. Her articles are always an easy read filled with helpful information. I follow Antonia’s blog as there is always something new on the market she discovers and shares with us! Dunja

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Antonia on a personal level for almost 8 years now and she is such an amazing, giving soul. I know how hard she works both in her role as ‘Cosmedic Coach’ and as a mother. She is so passionate about her work and is always willing to help people and go that extra mile for no reward other than knowing she’s given somebody a second chance, given somebody hope when things have gone wrong. She is a genuine, caring, kind hearted lady who can never do too much for those around her. Noreen

Antonia is an angel. She has helped me and others through some tough times. I can’t thank her enough for her support. June

Antonia provides an excellent link between the cosmetic professions and the consumer. As a cosmetic scientist I endorse her contribution to helping consumers find the truth. She provides a valuable and in depth resource. Jo

Antonia is consistent in her efforts to educate women on best practices and alert to useful trends in health and beauty. She provides excellent resources and guidance. Donald

Educational, informative, professional, knowledgeable, passionate and quite simply comes across as such a lovely person – fantastic combinations. Cathryn

Antonia is the girl to go to!!! So professional, she has such an amazing passion that I haven’t seen much in a lot of people in this industry. Angela

Antonia has inspired me to be the best woman i can, through good skin care tips, eating healthy & exercise. She is a fantastic role model!!!! Sarah

Antonia’s recommendations are priceless, I have learnt so much from her and I cannot wait to learn more. I trust her 100%, very rare to find this honest unique talent! Ondine

I have been following Antonia Mariconda for over 12 months on both Facebook and Twitter, I love her interactional blogs and responses. For a woman such as myself who is 40 something I appreciate her helpful and informative information on beauty tips, non-invasive surgery, skin care, anti-aging and cosmetics. She has truly become my best friend to me. Jennifer

I have worked with Antonia on a professional level and must say she is passionate about her service and goes the extra mile for her clients. Amanda

I have known & worked with Antonia for over 18 months & have enjoyed every moment! Antonia has been a huge support to both myself & the practice that I run. Samantha

I think she has good mind in her job and she is good as adviser about beauty and health and as a married woman I wish her the best time in her life. Wesley

I’m a survival expert constantly on the go, I enjoy reading Antonia’s blogs in which I find helpful when at those dinner parties I give out good advice and tips thanks to The Coach. Hernan

I’ve known Antonia for many years now. Not only is she professional and trustworthy, but she keeps on top of industry news and her knowledge is always up to date. Her passion for her work is unparalleled, as is her dedication to safety in cosmetic surgery. Holly

Antonia is a true compassionate person, very knowledgeable, enthusiastic for the industry and dedicated to professionalism. Ivan

Antonia is a star, I just want to thank her on the great advice I got for my tired eyes!!! Too much time in front of the screen has not done me any favours, but Antonia’s advice has helped me get some good nutrients that are helping!! Thanks again Antonia XX Matt

I’ve never met anyone so dedicated and passionate about the beauty industry and the well-being of patients/clients. She’s also a very good friend. David

Antonia’s knowledge and passion for the cosmetic industry is unparalleled. A credit to the industry! Gemma

Antonia is a true industry expert and her professionalism and knowledge is truly astounding! Mimi

Antonia is a great person and has brought an amazing wealth to the cosmetic world. Shervin

I thoroughly enjoy Antonia’s passion and commitment to the industry. Her work is always of high standard and interesting. Keep up the good work. Stephanie

Thank goodness for Antonia, with all the misleading advice out there, everyone, from the general public to medical professionals can rely on her unbiased and well researched information. A big thank you to Antonia for educating all. You do a great job to help us all. Margot

Fantastic. Sabrina

So beautiful. Gajendra

Great!! Nasser

Antonia is the best. Cordelia

She’s a true inspiration. Aiman

Her work is amazing. Zahera

Woman power, love Antonia a lot. Sonke

I love reading Antonia Mariconda’s blogs, and they are educative, informative but if it is beauty, surgery you have to go her for more information her knowledge and enthusiasm for the industry is excellent. Abuki

Antonia is one of the most interesting professionals in her field and my clients, Nicky Clarke and Malvina Fraser are huge fans of her work. Her ability to bring people together is exceptional and we all love working with her. Octavia

Antonia’s knowledge of the field and passion for what she does is inspirational. Spencer

Antonia (The Cosmetic Coach) is a ray of light, she offers exceptional support and advice. Her knowledge, enthusiasm and passion is incredible. I have also had fantastic personal advice from her, which I am forever grateful. Karen

For me Antonia personifies all that is needed in the beauty industry, transparency, knowledge, client care and passion. Donna

If I ever need advice on beauty and anti-ageing I go straight to Antonia. She gives the best advice and it works. I would recommend Antonia our Cosmedicoach to anyone who is in need of beauty and health advice. Teresa

I really appreciate the work of people whose human quality and glamorous charming personality goes beyond compare. She is a prototype of what a public relation professional about Cosmetic Surgery industry, should be. Arturo

Antonia is excellent in what she does. She is very professional, thorough and in deed very helpful for both surgeons and patients. I have been very much impressed with her blogs and all the reviews that she does. Riccardo

Antonia is brilliant in her job and her life reflects this never ending passion for beauty. She is inspiring women to be proud of their image. Wonderful job Antonia! Alessandra

I think Antonia’s great knowledge, passion and dedication is amazing. I love reading all that she writes about, her knowledge is wonderful and she is so caring and supportive of others. She has a great gift and talent for helping others be the best that they can be. She is so supportive and informative. Not only that, she is such a good and caring friend to others. Liz

Antonia is inspirational & always there to help a hand in need. I’ve never met the lady but had many telephone conversation’s when I was in need of help 🙂 Julie

Cosmedic Coach is a fabulous way for us consumers to find out the best way to get treatment and what’s hot at the moment. Mrs

Love her dedication to her work. I support her in her endeavors all the way. Ann

Finally the cosmetic and aesthetic industry is represented by someone who speaks the truth and give impartial and professional advice. Her knowledge and passion will bring her very high up in the industry. Dr

Having known and worked with. Antonia for the last few years there are not enough superlatives to describe this woman’s energy, passion and commitment to her work. Antonia has been at the cutting edge of campaigning, she provides amazing support and advice and has created a fundamentally strong network to support her work. A true inspiration and amazing woman… keep going A. Ketan

Great to read as Antonia writes with both expertise and passion. She certainly knows her stuff! Sara

I met Antonia several times and I’m amazed by the enthusiasm and passion that she has for this industry. Her genuine support and care for the patients is absolutely outstanding, I would strongly recommend her considering also her deep understanding of this wonderful world of Cosmetic Health and Beauty. Dr

As a Hair Magazine Publishers, Executive Television Producer, Promoter and former Boxing Champion I look forward in us networking to heights unknown. God Bless. Tracey

Reading Antonia’s blogs and articles always have a fresh and up to date approach which shows her passion and commitment in our industry. Her advice is honest, trustworthy and professional, which is exactly what consumers are looking for. Justine

I am proud to be associated with this fabulous lady for her refined characteristic knowledge. Minal

Antonia Mariconda is pure expression of Mediterranean beauty. She is kind and lovable. Rosa

As Antonia and I share a common goal in the medical aesthetics industry, I admire her work, dedication, consumer advocacy, and industry knowledge. Michele

Amazing!! I started following Antonia about a year ago not even realising who or what she was all about. Being in the beauty industry for over 20 yrs myself… and seeing what a great influence/ information source she is. I look at my “following her” as a kind of divine intervention. Antonia is nothing less than fabulous!! Lana

What an inspiration! Visionary into reality. Shifa

Antonia dedication and professionalism makes her an asset in whichever realm she possesses. Dr

Antonia is very knowledgeable and a great blogger! Laura

Antonia’s knowledge, professionalism & fabulous rapport with everyone that she meets & deals with is a breath of fresh air. It is a pleasure to work with & support Antonia as, like me, she too, champions safer cosmetic surgery. Norman

Antonia Mariconda is one of finest, crusader against anti-aging industry. Partha

I have worked with Antonia on many projects and love her enthusiasm and professionalism. She has a real passion for this industry and an energy like no other. She has some wonderful ideas and is very proactive in delivering them. Jean

Love her blogs always extremely informative and she is more than happy to interact with consumers and professionals alike. Stephen

A true professional and inspirational woman. Antonia is a credit to the industry. Michelle

What more can i say that hasn’t been said already. Evette

This lady is amazing! She not only offers excellent advice FOC, but is also very genuine and down-to-earth with a very friendly warmth about her. Suki

Inspirational blogging at its best. Antonia is Queen of Beauty bloggers. Karen

Antonia is the best in the business her advice and guidance is so honest and trustworthy I would advise all my celebrities that I work with! Her knowledge is so vast. Davinia

As a consumer have found Antonia to be very informed and knowledgeable in an area that can be very confusing to a lay person. Long may it continue. D

A pioneer of her industry Antonia is the only person you need to speak to for help and advice. A truly approachable and professional lady. Olivia

Not only that she’s the best, she’s a good listener too. Her heart is unmeasureable. Tim

I highly recommend Antonia anyone who values their well-being and wants to make a significant transformation in their lives. Cinderella

Whoever said beauty is only skin deep never met Antonia. She radiates beauty from the inside out and helps people through her unwavering passion. Her philosophy is beyond cosmetic – she teaches people to have body confidence and to use every tool at their disposal to radiate the same beauty she does. Robert

Always knowledgeable and up to date on trends. Kathryn

Antonia: beautiful, strong, ambitious, trustworthy with a class woman. If you need any advice about good, healthy look I recommend her. Izabela

Antonia is a lovely person with a kind heart and amazing aura. She is so supportive and helped two friends of mine through some tough times. Thank you for all your support x Bernadette

I enjoy reading your posts. Keep the faith. Lou

Antonia has her finger on the pulse. Giving unbiased professional advice. James

Is the best as a person and what she does, she is amazing! Nicos

I have worked with Antonia on a professional level for a few years. Her expertise in cosmetic/plastic surgery content writing was exceptional. Jaan

Antonia brings beauty to everything she touches no matter if it’s words or flesh. Todd

Very informative and interesting. Luca

Antonia is a fantastic journalist and an asset to the industry. Anita

I like your beauty cosmedic. Chaitra

Antonia brings beauty to everything she touches no matter if it’s words or flesh. Todd

Antonia is an expert in her field. Very professional and knowledgeable. Sharon

Antonia you’re one of the beautiful and sexy women.Florencia

Best blogger I have ever met and actually useful blogs that I know people use and find beneficial. Charlie

Finally an independent voice very professional, informative and supportive in our beautiful world of cosmetic surgery. Ilaria

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