Sunday Times Article Scooped by The Cosmedic Coach’s Client

PR, Publicity, and Personal Brand Development is all about a good well thought out and well planned strategy, if you think that hiring a PR Agency will get you tons of media exposure think again, I am a media professional specialising in brand development and publicity, with over 20 years of experience in the industry, I have generated millions of pounds worth of PR, not just for myself, but also for my clients. One thing for sure is, I can tell you, it is not an easy over night process, with a one fit for all formula. Good PR, publicity and growth consists of some core vital elements, that mainly involve consistency, planning and patience.

I am often contacted by disgruntled, angry, disappointed aesthetic, spa, and leading beauty business professionals tell me the same story “Antonia, I paid ‘XYZ’ PR Agency  £3k a month for 6 months and they nothing!” ah, if only I had a pound for every time I have heard that line.

So what is the solution? planning, preparation and some professional help would not go amiss, but once you have learnt the fundamentals of headline grabbing publicity, you pretty much learn it forever, all you do is refine, work hard, refine it some more, and then work harder. Building relationships is a key factor.

Here is a great case study I want to share with you. The Cosmedic Coach worked together with leading Male Aesthetic Practitioner and Medic Dr Tahera Bhojani Lynch, together we sat and discussed various topics, stories and subjects that would engage a reader with useful and empowering information, whilst at the same time, reaffirming her passion and dedication to the speciality of male aesthetics and her specialised role within that.

Cue The Male Trends Report written and devised by Dr. Tahera, designed and presented by The Cosmedic Coach, Now many of you may be saying ‘what’s so special about that?‘ well the thing is, we crafted a unique story (with case studies willing to be participant to the publicity and coverage) we gave a insight into many treatments, but more-so, a new procedure and a new term for it ‘The Hot Hollow’ (the media love that) Here’s the good part, no media outlet had previously published or written about the new procedure, innovation is key in PR.

So to cut a long story short, we created the whole product from start to finish, concept, content, case studies, and a new exclusive procedure,

We then wrapped it up in a lovely satin bow (metaphorically speaking) and presented it to only one journalist first, this is called an ‘exclusive’. We knew the journalist we contacted to have a focus for relevant strong stories and therefore a good strategy point, is to know your writers, there is nothing worse than pitching a story to a writer who has no interest in the domain or subject you are writing about,  If one journalist declines the story, you move on to the next one, giving each writer a chance to digest and mull over the proposal. One exclusive is worth a insignifcant thousand mentions.

Success, The journalist, a well known and well respected writer, Clare Coleman, snapped it up on the spot, who doesn’t love an exclusive? especially when it has come prepared and ready to go. Clare in her unique style, elaborated on the article in the most engaging, professional and interesting way, (and yes it is amazing to know which writers can work their craft beautifully with a story, that not only grabs their own interest but that of a nation).


A full page in The Sunday Times Magazine (one of the UK’s top ten media outlets – The Times Newspaper) the entire article was exclusive to Dr. Tahera, her expertise, her clinic, her story and most of all her fabulous term and treatment created by her called “The Hot Hollow’. 

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