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The Great Vitamin IV Drip Debate

I found this interesting video about IV vitamin therapy from Dr Oz Show, the debate still rages on in the medical community about the science based efficacy behind it, yet so many people report fantastic results, Speaking from my own point of view, I had a safe experience, administered by a medical professional with a full health consultation and check, but not even my positive review (or 1000 positive consumer reviews) ... read more


Antonia Mariconda in Aesthetic Medicine

The IV League . Antonia Mariconda looks at the new trend for IV vitamin drips ... read more


Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Serum

My Product of the Week... read more

antonia mariconda says packed lunches are stylish

Packed Lunches Just Got Stylish

With kids and teens back at school for a new year and a new academic term, you too, are likely to be gearing up for a chaotic new seasonahead in the workplace and as usual balancing even more roles than before, I know I have ever since I hit 30 and became a mother, wife, and business woman. Whether you clock in hours in the classroom, home or lead business ... read more

antonia mariconda talks image perfections

Perfection? by Antonia Mariconda.

How far would you go in your quest to attain the perfect smile? Would you resort to cosmetic surgery? ... read more

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