Age is nothing but a number, just look at J-Lo

Jennifer Lopez, 45 years young

I could have been been a billionaire twice over if I had a £1 for every time I heard the expression "i'm getting to old for this". The simple fact is when is comes to looking the best possible version of your self there is no such thing as 'age' as an excuse to shield yourself from what really is a negative attitude and a lazy or non existent will power. To uphold my statement, I here below give … [Read more...]

6 ways to prevent your hair from ageing


We hear plenty about how to care for our skin as we age - we're inundated with advice about sunscreens, moisturisers, serums and the like, not to mention various surgical and non-surgical interventions that enable us to keep our skin looking its best. What we hear less about, however, is how to care for ageing hair and how to keep it healthy and glossy. After all, who wants to invest heavily in … [Read more...]

Innarah beauty products, no nasties here.


I'm frequently asked by a multitude of people on Twitter to suggest beauty ranges that are gentle, yet effective, hard working yet contain no nasties, that's a pretty tall order, so when I do discover new ranges I like to share them. INNARAH skin care formulations work in cooperation with your skins own immune system. The range is gentle and natural and effective for the most discerning and … [Read more...]

LightStim for younger skin?

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I have been testing a device called LightStim for around 6 weeks now, and although the trial time isn't lengthy I'm pleased to report the results are pretty good so far. The set I reviewed included the LightStim for Wrinkles device, this is a hand held device which emits LED light, the point is that with regular use, you should see a change in your skin, this is achieved in tandem with the L … [Read more...]

5 Reasons to get your butt in the gym


5 reasons to exercise today We all know that taking regular exercise reaps many benefits, such as an improvement in mood and better cardio vascular health. We frequently hear that exercise can help with weight loss, can lower the risk of chronic disease, and lower the risk of early death. These advantages attributed to exercise are quite rightly widely publicised, but the anti-ageing effects of … [Read more...]

Roots ‘n’ Rituals


Roots and Rituals hair care products have based their ethos on authentic ancient hair care hydration and repair remedies and ingredients using three nutrient rich oils such as, coconut olive and avocado, which are scientifically proven to repair the damaged hair cuticles. This dynamic duo is ideal if you have parched, coloured, dry and brittle hair in need of some TLC. The range is free from … [Read more...]

6 Steps to perfect red lips


6 steps to the perfect red lip Red lipstick is the ultimate in glamour. Guaranteed to add allure and sex appeal to any outfit, it is a dramatic look that can be absolute dynamite. This explains why it's been a firm favourite for decades and is a make-up staple for many. Red lipstick is a brave and bold statement, so it's understandable that those unaccustomed to wearing it may be a little … [Read more...]