Amy Childs 3rd Anniversary Collection

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Monday 27 October 2014, Dirty Martini Club, London:  Amy Childs celebrated the 3rd anniversary of her clothing collection and what an evening it was! Amy dazzled in a gorgeous claret coloured sequinned dress from her collection and was a real showstopper with her svelte size 8 figure. The clever young business woman keeps fit by running her beauty and fashion empire and constantly being on the … [Read more...]

Angela Bassett HOT at 55!

Hot at 55: Angela Bassett

Thought for Friday. I'm tired of listening to women say "I give up, I'm getting old, men won't pay attention to me anyway, what's the point in trying?" STOP! I cannot stress enough that anti ageing is all about the mind FIRST. Everything else is secondary, if you are ageing in your mind, your body will follow suit FAST! Remember, it is a number and do not allow yourself to be … [Read more...]

Light and Dark by Leighton Denny

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I'm such a sucker for perfume, BUT not just ANY perfume, it has to be the right scent. I am not a fan of hugely overpowering scents and I know you will shudder when you read this, but Tom Ford smells atrocious on me, I find it way to much. Sorry! I am loving Light and Dark by Leighton Denny, it is right up my fragrance street! With its magical absolute oils including a fruity mixture of pepper, … [Read more...]

Gemz by Emz


I was sent this beautiful necklace from Gemz by Emz last week and I have fallen in love with it.  All of the jewellery pieces from Gemz are unique and hand made and are a firm celebrity favourite already being worn by a number of fans from Geordie Shore, ITV and the Xtra Factor, so I was delighted to have been gifted this amazing bespoke piece with three words engraved on a silver pendant that … [Read more...]

Exuviance Body Lotion

exuviance body lotion antoniamariconda

There are some beauty items that when you run out of them your heart instantly sinks, and you think darn it! argh! Exuviance hand and body lotion is one of those products that never fails to make me mometarily sad when it runs out. I suffer terribly dry skin through out all the seasons, namely itchy dry legs when I come out of a shower, (I'm thinking we must have high levels of chlorine in our UK … [Read more...]

The Balm Cosmetics Range Review


The Balm Cosmetics: Why have I never heard of this brand before? it was so not on my radar until I tried a selection out this week and wowzers!, fabulous or what? Normally I shy away from buying gimmicky vintage inspired products, Being a Benefit Cosmetics fan, I found that many brands either copycat each other or just veer off onto the tacky path of marketing for the products to ever really be … [Read more...]