Ted Baker Nude Large Bowcon Cosmetic Bag


Forever on the trail of a nice cosmetic bag, I quite liked the look of The Ted Baker Nude Large Bowcon Cosmetic Bag (£29). The bag is labelled large, although I would classify it more as medium size. The stylish patent style is a beautiful pretty little thing to accompany your handbag, but beware if your handbag is hardworking and gets a daily battering, this cosmetics bag might suffer some … [Read more...]

Estee Lauder Perfectionist Youth Infusing Make Up


I'm forever on the trail of a good foundation. My demands are not simple, it must be have the ability to cover well and evenly, to hydrate and make the skin glow and look fresh, have long lasting coverage and not be too thick, or obvious. See, I told you I was fussy!. Enter: Estee Lauder Perfectionist Youth Infusing Make Up with SPF 25 £37.00 (30ml). I am suitably impressed that it now enters … [Read more...]

Tips for thinning hair


40% of all women suffer from some degree of hair loss for a variety of reasons' says one of the worlds leading hair experts and surgeons Dr. Bessam Farjo. 'The percentage is clearly higher after the menopause' adds Dr. Farjo. With thousands of women in the UK and worldwide now concerned at experiencing 'thinning hair' Dr. Bessam Farjo shares 6 useful tips for women, (including me) that have … [Read more...]

Aveeno Skin Relief

antonia mariconda aveeno

I suffer from dry itchy skin on my legs, don't ask me why, it's just one of those things,(someone told me a while back that it might be the high chlorine levels in our water) I have tried so many products I have lost count. The one product that seems to instantly ease the dryness and itchiness is Aveeno Skin Relief (200ml) £3.59 Lloyds Pharmacy The product has a formula that … [Read more...]