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Nail Trends for Spring and Summer 2016

Nail trends for Spring/Summer A trip to the nail bar is no longer a case of a file and polish. Tantilising talons are big business and the choices as to whether to stay natural, go glam with extensions or to strengthen what God gave us with a coat of armour, so water and weather proof we don’t see a chip for weeks, is endless. Colours are brighter and the spectrum ... read more

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Time to finally say goodbye to under eye shadows? meet the #InstaEyeQueen Sabrina Shah-Desai

“No one ever got rid of dark circles by just drinking water and sleeping for 8 hours!” says Mrs Sabrina Shah-Desai – The London Eye-Rejuvenation Expert, which is why she has launched the new Eye-Boost Tear Trough Rejuvenation Treatment, hailed as The #InstaEyeQueen, Sabrina Shah-Desai has a waiting list of up to three months, consisting of social media stars, models, and celebrities queuing for the leading guru to turn back the hands of time on those ... read more

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KFC launches chicken flavoured nail polish, finger-licking good?

I couldn’t make this up even if I wanted to, and I loathe giving attention to fast food chains, but I had to share this with you as the cringe worthy desperation of publicity seeking stunts has reached an all time not so finger licking high. Fast food chain KFC has announced it will enter the beauty market with its first ever nail polish. The polish which has been stated as ... read more

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Futuristic Beauty with Mesoestetic Stem Cell Body Serum

I know, I know, I get excited with geeky skincare stuff, but it’s a great thrill to see exciting new products emerge with breakthrough technology and formulas. The Product Pharma Group Mesoestetic recently introduced a new body product called Stem Cell body Serum, hailed as an avant garde body serum, specially designed to help regulate the skin’s circadian rhythms. For those of you not familiar with a skincare glossary: Circadian Rhythm is our internal biological clock that ... read more

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