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Neova Creme De La Copper

I tried Neova Creme De La Copper – it’s an award winning intense nourishing formula that’s designed to provide the moisture and protection necessary to diminish visible signs of photo-ageing. If you have super dry skin, and want ‘relief’ this is a good one. Photo-ageing is the term used to describe skin that’s been damaged by long term exposure to ultra violet rays, and Neova was the first clinical skin ... read more

cosmedic coach nominated for kent health and beauty award

Nominated for Kent Health & Beauty Awards

Delighted to say I’ve been nominated for a Kent Health and Beauty Award, so thank you to my Kent based clients who put me forward,  I was happily surprised when I got an e mail this morning, even if I should not win an award, I’m grateful to have been put forward, so thank you….... read more

cosmedic coach bmi

Antonia Mariconda Weight Loss Tips for BMI online

Read Antonia Mariconda’s weight loss tips for UK’s largest private health provider BMI on-line here  ... read more


Aneva Derma

Aneva Derma Nutritional Skin Beverage is a food supplement capsule containing collagen and hyaluronic acid for an “integrated approach to skin rejuvenation”, say its manufacturers. Aneva say it is unrivalled by any competitor in today’s market, because of its unique combination of high potency and targeted antioxidants in combination with pharma grade bovine collagen and hyaluronic acid. Being in the profession I’m in, obviously I’m fully aware of how essential ... read more

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