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I simply love my job, actually it’s not a job it is a passion. I spend my life, researching, writing and coaching beauty. My passion is all subjects relating to the body, beauty, and personal image. 9 months ago I set up my own training and coaching consultancy called iCoach, I never anticipated the fantastic response it would achieve, within 9 months I have coached more than 500 people and ... read more

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antonia mariconda shine bright like a diamond workshop

My latest workshop

It’s always hard work leading up to one of my iCoach events, but I wouldn’t have it another way, they are amazing because I get to sit in room, a very nice bright pink one with over 100 beauty and aesthetic industry professionals, bloggers, media and marketing professionals (and of course my team ) who help me make the workshops come to life. For three hours I get to share ... read more

dry eyes concealer review antonia mariconda

Concealer for Dry Eyes

The endless nights of staring at my MAC screen have caused me to start developing dry eyes. I am also finding that as time progresses the thin area of skin under my eyes doesn’t take too kindly to harsh ingredients found in most common cosmetics for concealing the eye. I bet many of you will also be nodding your head at the thought of that thick cakey concealer that gives ... read more

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