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Antonia Mariconda

That Jacket

I had a few people on Twitter ask where my black and white striped jacket was from when I appeared on Channel 5 news on Monday this week (18th May 2015) I’m a big fan of clothes and shoes but that’s no surprise and I like whatever goes, whether it is Primark or Prada I’ll wear something for the style not the price or label! My jacket was from River ... read more

antonia mariconda

How to Spot Fake Make Up On-Line

 The Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) has produced ten top tips for consumers to follow to avoid falling victim to counterfeit fraud when shopping online. 1. Trust your instincts – if an offer looks too good to be true, then it probably is. Legitimate designer items are rarely discounted, so do not rush and be fooled into believing you are getting a good deal. 2. Check the spelling and ... read more

antonia mariconda channel 5 news

I am supporting #WakeUpDon’tFakeUp

This week a new campaign was launched by The Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit called #WakeUpDon’tFakeUp, when the Daily Mail ran a story about the campaign, I breathed a sigh of relief, I have been talking about fake cosmetics and warning the public about them through my campaign #SafetyInBeauty, to me the news was not new, but very welcome. As a result on Monday evening I appeared on Channel 5 ... read more

antonia mariconda channel 5 news

Antonia Mariconda on Channel 5 News

Monday 18th May 2015: Channel 5 news feature: 6.30pm live studio: Warnings on safety of counterfeit cosmetics, featuring guest expert Antonia Mariconda... read more

antonia mariconda daily mail

Sold out? I didn’t expect that!

To be honest I didn’t expect a product to be sold out within 24 hours of it being mentioned in an editorial guest piece I wrote for a Daily Mail supplement, BUT it is a nice feeling, a) because people read and take note, I cannot deny I am chuffed about this, who wouldn’t be? and b) because people care about their skin and wellbeing enough to try a product ... read more

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