Expert Guest Blog: How Exercise Keeps You Young by Marisa Peer


Exercise is so incredibly effective at slowing down ageing that it seems unlikely that anything will ever be invented that could beat it in its' anti-ageing power. However, that does not mean you have to spend hours at the gym or running - you can do just a few minutes of exercise a day and that will dramatically slow down how you age. After the age of 35 we stop making HGH - Human Growth Hormone … [Read more...]

What’s in my bag? by Natasha Kundi


What’s in my bag? Makeup is an absolutely essential constituent of my bag! I never go out without it, especially when I’m going to work. I’m one of those girls who do her complete makeup on the train and am so proud of it. This morning I actually got two women excited when I flawlessly applied eyeliner in just a single sweep, I’m glad I’m making some difference to the womankind! All of the items … [Read more...]

YOUNGBLOOD Eye-Mazing Liquid Liner Pen


I’ve always been a fan of liquid eyeliner, as I just don’t ‘do’ pencil on the upper eyelids. I’ve probably tried just about every liquid eyeliner there is on the planet and settled for a MAC Cosmetic product as I was in my comfort zone with the dip-brush-system, however in the bin that swiftly went when I discovered this recently launched little beauty. Youngblood has a new Eye-Mazing Liquid … [Read more...]

how to remove waterproof mascara and eye make up


How to Remove Waterproof Eye Makeup Saturate a cotton pad or a ball with an oil-based product specifically designed to gently remove eye makeup, try Lancôme Bi-Facil Double Action Eye Makeup Remover, I find this shifts even stubborn eyelash glue,the darkest eyeshadows and deep Kohl colours. Use gentle pressure to hold the cotton ball against your eye for about 10 seconds, however don't … [Read more...]

All That Jazz Cuticle Oil – “Water in The Sahara Desert”


The on-going battle to rehabilitate my botched up nails continues. last month something prompted me to dig out the bottle of All That Jazz Cuticle Oil that had been sitting in the sample cupboards of my office for the last 5 months,  I've seen a dramatic difference using this product, let me tell you why. We are all by now are familiar with the story of my botched up nails which I have been … [Read more...]

Youthful Hair, Expert Guest Blog by Celebrity Hair Guru Nicky Clarke


Ahead of his live-on-stage appearance at The Anti Ageing Show in May the UK's leading celebrity hair Guru Nicky Clarke shares his advice on Anti-Ageing Hair Care "As you get older you will find that your hair starts to become naturally thin. Using a volumising product such as the Nicky Clarke Hair Raising when the hair is 90% dry and style as usual to give the hair a lift and more … [Read more...]